Blown a Cone - Need A Recone?

To complement the UK's largest stock of replacement loudspeaker parts and recone kits, we've added a professional recone service. With extensive training and access to years of experience from local engineers, we are now able to provide a recone service for most loudspeaker brands.

Why recone?

For starters it's environmentally friendly, reconing your existing chassis avoids it going into landfill, and reduces the demand on new speakers, that's less energy used, which means less CO2 in the atmosphere. More importantly, it can save you money, you get the equivalent of a brand new driver, but cheaper!

Recone Service for Blown PA Speakers
Massive stocks of replacement loudspeakers and recone kits

Massive Stocks!

With over 9,000 sq ft of space, we stock a range of genuine manufacturer's recone kits, allowing us to repair most drivers from stock parts within 5 working days. We also stock the UK's largest range of aftermarket recone kits, assembled by one of the world's leading speaker manufacturers. Our aftermarket recone kits allow extremely cost effective repairs, which may otherwise be financially unviable.

Scrapping a driver?

If you've decided to scrap a driver because you think its not worth reconing, let us know, and as part of our commitment to helping the environment, we'll try to see if we can recycle it for you. Email us the details, and we can normally arrange to collect the drivers from you.

How do I get a recone?

If you are local, you can drop in your old driver to our repair shop in Southampton, Hampshire, and assuming we have the parts in stock, collect it a few days later. If you're not local, you'll need to be able to package up your drivers thoroughly so they can be shipped to us. Click here for packaging guidelines. You can either arrange your own shipping, or we can collect your drivers from you using our courier. Please note that most couriers will not insure used loudspeaker drive units for damage in transit, so it is imperative that you package your driver very thoroughly.

Our trade counter, and warehouse are open 9:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday, and 10:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Tel: 023 8023 3455

We can restore your blown speakers, and make them as good as new

How much does it cost?

Prices vary according to driver. We use manufacturer pre-configured recone kits:

Find the appropriate recone kit on our website, and then add the appropriate fitting cost:

Installation Prices
Fitting service for pre-assembled recone kits 12" pre-assembled kit: £26.00
15" pre-assembled kit: £27.00
18" pre-assembled kit: £28.00
Fitting service for un-assembled recone kits 12" un-assembled kit: £34.00
15" un-assembled kit: £36.00
18" un-assembled kit: £37.00
Prices shown are labour cost only. Recone kits priced seperately

The fitting costs includes all glue and other consumables required to complete the job. The prices are applicable only when fitting a recone kit purchased from us. We are not currently offering the option of fitting a customer supplied recone kit.

Discounts available for JAM Club members, and for larger quantities, please contact us for details.

Delivery and Collection can be arranged at additional cost.

Terms/Conditions & General Information

  1. All recone parts supplied come with one year warranty against defective manufacture.
  2. Our recone service has a three month warranty covering the fitting of recone parts.
  3. Our couriers will not insure used loudspeaker drive units for damage in transit. You must package your driver very thoroughly to avoid any chance of damage. We accept no liability for any damage occuring to drivers in transit to our premises.
  4. Our couriers will insure used loudspeaker drive units for total loss, in the rare event a package should go missing in transit, we can compensate you for a nominal value of the drive unit.
  5. Any warranty supplied is limited to repairing or replacing any faulty parts. No liability for any consequential loss is accepted.
  6. Drivers with slipped magnets are in some cases impossible to repair. For those that are possible to repair, an additional charge will apply.
  7. Drivers with buckled, damaged or distorted baskets are not suitable for reconing.
  8. We aim to complete all repairs within 5 working days if we have the appropriate parts in stock.

Packing Instructions for sending us your drivers

Whether you are using our courier service to collect your drivers for a recone or whether you're making your own arrangements, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the drivers are packaged suitably for shipping. Whilst you may feel that your drivers are effectively worthless until they have been reconed, the two main forms of damage sustained by loudspeaker drivers during transit (whether used or new) is distortion to the frame and chassis, and magnet pole pieces becoming dislodged. EITHER of these things happening to your speaker means that we won't be able to repair it, and you'll have already paid your shipping cost. Furthermore, as the item is already a used item, no claim for damage can be made with most courier services.

The most ideal packaging for returning your drivers for reconing would be the box in which you originally received the drivers, or similar drivers. Of course, we understand that this is very often not possible for many people, as it may well be months or years since you received them. In cases where return in the original box cannot be done, then we recommend the following:

  1. Choose a box designed to withstand an appropriate weight. Single-walled cardboard boxes are generally not suitable
  2. Ensure that there is sufficient space all around the driver to insert enough packaging. We recommend at least an inch between the speaker and the box on all sides.
  3. Pack around the driver using suitable filler material. High density polystyrene foam is best for this, but if this is not possible then corrugated cardboard can be used. The drive should not be able to move within the box, the filler material should hold it snugly in place.
  4. Make sure you tape up your box adequately, this will help hold everything firmly in place, and ensure your box has the structure it needs to protect your driver on its journey for reconing, 25mm domestic sticky tape is generally not strong enough, nor is paper-based masking tape (of ANY size). Use brown or transparent 50mm packing tape or gaffer tape if you have it.
  5. Gently shake your box after taping it up, there should be nothing moving around inside the box.

Remember - we are not liable for any damage caused to your driver in transit from you to us, and it's unlikely that you'll be able to make any claims against your courier. By using our 'collect and return' service for reconing your drivers you accept our terms and conditions - specifically that we accept no liability for damage to drivers collected from you.

This is how we typically package drivers for shipping. We use blue L-Shaped foam, often glued to the side of the box to hold it in place. The foam offers good impact protection for small-medium drivers. For larger heavier driver, we may use 2 layers of foam. Each layer of foam is approximately 15mm thick. The foam works well, as after any small bumps, it will return to its original shape.

If you dont have access to appropriate polystyrene or foam, strips of cardboard will normally be sufficient. We recommend at least a one inch thickness of cardboard on all 4 edges around the cone, and at least half an inch under the magnet.

Loose void fill (polystyrene chips, paper shredding) are of little or no use in packaging drivers, and are more likely to cause problems with ingress into driver cooling vents.

Local Repair Service for the South of England.

Recone Service available in Southampton on the South Coast; if you're local to us, and live in the following areas: Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Newbury, Winchester, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Dorset or Hampshire - you'll be glad to know we're not far away. A short drive down to our premises in Southampton and you can get all your loudspeakers repaired or reconed.

We also stock a massive range of replacement diaphragms, and our experienced engineers can fix just about any speaker.