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Q. What if it doesnt work or stops working?

A. All new products come with a full 12 month warranty. Graded and B-stock items will have the warranty stated in the description. In the event of your item being DOA (dead on arrival) we will either arrange collection of the faulty item, or supply you with a freepost return label to send the item back to us. Once the item has been received by Blue Aran and the fault confirmed, we will provide either an advance replacement or a refund of the transaction. The supply of a replacement is subject to availability.

For orders placed for consumer* use, for an item to be classed as 'DOA' you must contact us within 30 calendar days of receiving your goods, with a fault description.

For order placed for non-consumer* use, for an item to be classed as 'DOA' you must contact us within 14 calendar days of receiving your goods and before acceptance of the goods, with a fault report. If goods have been accepted and have been used for trade or commercial purposes they will not be treated as 'DOA'.

Once an item has been found to be 'DOA' you should cease using the item immediately and contact Blue Aran. To raise a help ticket regarding faulty items, please click on the order number in the Order History section.

After the 'DOA' period as stated above, but less than 6 months after purchase we will arrange to collect faulty items by courier, or provide a freepost returns label, whichever is deemed by ourselves as appropriate for the item. The item will then be assessed under warranty. If the fault is caused by a manufacturing defect then the product will be repaired or replaced, as appropriate. This may require the item being returned to the manufacturer for repair. Once the item is repaired it will be returned to you at our cost. If the item is found to have no fault, or the fault is found to be caused by something other than manufacturing defect, the collection and return carriage may be chargeable. Blue Aran reserves the right to request that customers return goods themselves in the event that, when all information provided is considered, the fault is most likely not caused by a manufacturing defect.

After 6 months you must return the item to us at your expense for assessment under warranty. If the fault is covered by the warranty we will arrange for it to be repaired/replaced (whichever is appropriate) and returned to you at our cost. If the item has to be repaired this can often take 2-6 weeks. We will inform you as soon as we have an estimated date of return. After the 'DOA' period, as stated above, faults will be covered under the manufacturer's warranty and faulty items may be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer, or at the discretion of Blue Aran acting on behalf of the manufacturer.

Some items may come with a manufacturer's extended warranty. These items are still covered by the standard 12 months warranty with Blue Aran, but after this period you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for warranty support. Please note, most manufacturers' extended warranties require that the product be registered with the manufacturer within a certain period after purchase.

In all cases, please contact us for a return number before sending anything back. We are unable to process returns received without a valid return number. All Warranty is subject to the item being used within the intended design parameters. Any repair or modification of goods attempted without the express permission of Blue Aran Ltd will render any Warranty void. This permission, if given, will be supplied either via the Help Ticket system on or by email. Please note that permission recieved from a manufacturer to repair or modify an item may affect your warranty with Blue Aran

If you have a problem with an item, please log into the "My Account" section of the website, and go to "View Orders". Select the order with the faulty item on it. Next to the item will be a "Open Help Ticket" button. This will open a help ticket with our returns department. Please try to give as much detail relating to the fault as possible, so that our returns department can provide you with quick and accurate assistance.

* A Consumer is defined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Part 1 Chapter 1 Section 2 (3) as "an individual acting for purposes that are wholly or mainly outside that individual's trade, business, craft or profession."