Beyma 12G40 - 12 inch 500W 8 Ohm
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Beyma 12G40 - 12" 500W 8 Ohm
SPL: 95.8dB Fs: 44Hz Xmax: 6.0mm
Product Code: BMA12G408 | Brand: Beyma
Beyma 12G40 - 12 inch 500W 8 Ohm

Beyma 12G40 - 12 inch 500W 8 Ohm Beyma 12G40 - 12 inch 500W 8 Ohm 
£128.16 ex VAT
2-3 £152.25 ea.4-7 £150.72 ea.8+ £149.18 ea.
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£8.27 DELIVERY to mainland UK.
Beyma 12G40 - 12" 500W 8 Ohm

This low frequency transducer is specially intended for the most demanding applications. Its design concept arises from the need of achieve a more resistant loudspeaker that matches the more and more power given by ultimate amplification systems. In order to accomplish that, almost every component of the speaker has been reconsidered: its voice coil has the benefits of an improved manufacturing process, made with the highest quality materials and the diaphragm has been carefully developed to give an extremely flat, smooth response. These characteristics make its integration in compact systems covering the low frequency range a straightforward task. Moreover, its parameters has been optimized to obtain an excellent bass response when used in small bass-reflex cabinets.


  • Nominal diameter 300 mm 12 in
  • Nominal impedance 8 ohm
  • Minimum impedance 6.7 ohm
  • Power capacity 500 W AES
  • Program power 1000 W
  • Sensitivity 97 dB 1 W @ 1 m @ 2Π
  • Frequency range 35-4000 Hz
  • Recommended enclosure volume 20 / 70 l 0.7 / 2.6 ft.³
  • Voice coil diameter 77 mm 3 in
  • BL factor 18.4 N / A
  • Moving mass 0.062 kg
  • Winding length 17.5 mm
  • Air gap height 8 mm
  • Xdamage pp 28 mm


  • Fs 44 Hz
  • Re 6 ohm
  • Qms 11.6
  • Qes 0.3
  • Qts 0.3
  • Vas 81 l
  • Cms 206 µm / N
  • Rms 1.5 kg / s
  • Efficiency % 2.3
  • Sd 0.053 m²
  • Xmax 5 mm
  • Vd 316 cm³
  • Le @1 kHz 2.1 mH


  • Net weight 7.1 kg 15.6 lb
  • Total weight 7.8 kg 17.2 lb
  • Magnet Ferrite

Mounting Information

  • Overall diameter - 312 mm. 12.3 in.
  • Bolt circle diameter - 294.5 mm. 11.6 in.
  • Baffle cutout diameter: -
  • - Front mount - 277.5 mm. 10.9 in.
  • - Rear mount - 280 mm. 11 in.
  • Depth - 139 mm. 5.47 in.
  • Volume displaced by driver - 4 l 0.14 ft.3
  • Net weight - 7.1 kg. 15.6 lb.
  • Shipping weight - 7.8 kg. 17.2 lb.
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