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price match

We'll price match most products on our website.

if the item is in stock, and it meets our terms and conditions.

- add the item to your basket, click the icon, and follow the instructions.


Conditions for Price Match:

  • We MUST be able to verify the information you supply.

  • The price you require us to match must be advertised on a UK website, or in a UK retail shop, the supplier advertising the price must have been trading for atleast six months, and it must be possible to verify their status as a business/shop. (ie you cant just give us your friends phone number who tells us a silly price when we phone them!!)

  • We will at our discretion Price Match on dealers outside the UK, but within the EC (eg. France, Germany) - but please remember when considering buying from abroad:
    • You may not be protected by UK Consumer Law - as you're buying from abroad
    • Will it have a UK Plug? maybe, maybe not
    • If you need to send it back under warranty how much will it cost YOU? We've looked and it's not cheap to ship large items to Europe
    • Will they actually be able to speak english and offer you any after-sales support? Probably Not.
    • Is it worth the risk to save a pound or two? We think NOT
    Support UK businesses - buy from the UK - keep british businesses running and get better service!

  • The item(s) must be freely available for anyone to purchase at the price specified.

  • The item(s) must be in stock (we are aware of some of our competitor displaying unusually low prices on products, and NEVER having stock, and then when customers phone to place an order they will try to sell them a more expensive or inferior quality product from stock)

  • We will only Price Match for the exact same items(s) with the same Make and Model in NEW condition. We will not price match on ex-demo, ex-display or second-hand items.

  • We will not Price Match against a product being advertised by Blue Aran elsewhere, such as on a different website (e.g. Ebay, Amazon) or advertised on one of our special offer leaflets (which you may receive after you make your purchase). To take advantage of our special offer prices you must enter the special offer product code when you place your order, or specify the special offer price when you order on the phono.

  • Price Match only available for orders placed on our website: WWW.BLUEARAN.CO.UK - if you placed your order through any other means (e.g. Ebay, Amazon, etc) where additional costs are involved we will not price match.

  • The Price Match price we take into consideration is the TOTAL PRICE INCLUDING DELIVERY. If one of our competitors specifies an unusually low price, and then compensates by charging a highly inflated delivery cost, we will not match the item cost alone, unless it is possible for you to collect the item from a location within 15 miles of you.

  • We will usually PRICE MATCH on products available from a legitimate UK shop or dealer who can provide the same service and backup we do. There are traders on ebay and similar sites who work from a bedroom, hold no stock, offer no after-sales service, and most probably will be gone tomorrow and untraceable should you need to return a product for service/repair. We dont guarantee to match prices of products for sale where the vendor does not disclose who they are, or does not conform to The Electronic Commerce Regulations (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 (the “Ecommerce Regulations”) , or any other applicable UK law. We recommend you do not buy from a vendor who does not conform to UK legislation, and we will not price match against them as we do not regard them as fair competition.

  • The final decision regarding whether we will price match rests with the Sales Manager of Blue Aran. It is rare we will decline to price match, however there are circumstances where we may be unable to match a price (for example it has been known for competing suppliers to make mistakes and advertise an incorrect price - where we know this to be the case we will not price match).

  • The facility to enter price match information, and submit orders on our website does not at any time constitute an acceptance of your order by us. We reserve the right not to accept orders (with or without a price match) should the sales manager deem it in our best interests.

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